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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Digital Art at the Beale Center

Jennifer Ock @ New University - I pulled the glossy handles of the Beall Center’s gallery door and walked into what looked a lot like my living room, minimal, straightforward and lonely, with a ’90s TV set and a vintage patterned armchair accented by a black lamp.

A tad confused but still unfazed, I attempted to analyze the scenery before me with the utmost intensity, searching for any signs of technology, other than the obsolete tube box. Then, I caught a glimpse of chaos to my right.

Rounding the corner, I faced the aftermath of an explosion: paint-splattered, crinkled newspapers and opened bags of Trader Joe’s corn tortilla chips with their original receipts lay at my feet. Strewn on the gray, frigid floor was the ubiquitous Subway bag next to a complete Star Wars DVD set. A royal blue Crayola Washable marker could be partially made out among a Jell-O package, chairs, tables, pots, a hammer, stools, glassware and crumpled paper bags. Read more.

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