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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tak Young-Kyung's DigiArt World

Industry & Technology Times - Understanding digital art comes with the studying of a pioneer, Tak Young-kyung, who is the first to practice digital art in Korea and has done it the longest too. His challenge is to create art pieces on "digital canvases", which was surprisingly inspired by the purchase of the Power Mackintosh 9700. He purchased the computer at a very high price in the early 90s for its known reputation of multi-functions, but what anchored his eyes on the monitor screen was one of its charming software, Painter 2.0. "This was a time when users had to deal with computer lag, for example, when I drew a line it did not show at the time of creation. Although the speed was quite slow, but I could complete my work much faster than painting with oil," he recalled. From the 9700 to the G3 to the IMAC, he was quick to adapt to the brand new hardware and software for perfecting his art work. Now Mr. Tak uses the professional drawing pad.  Read more.

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