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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Can Digital Art Make Money?

Artinfo - It would be easy to make the mistake of defining new media art as an entirely different beast from "old media" formats like painting and sculpture. After all, digital file-based works are, in their basic state, infinitely replicable, able to be seen by any audience on earth at any time, and without any physical form. But what's so intriguing about the burgeoning field of new media art is that it challenges the status quo of traditional artistic media, while at the same time adopting some of the same norms to become viable in the contemporary art market. The demand and collector base for new media art is small as of yet, but artists still must find ways to both control the dissemination of their work and make it saleable. But the paradox of new media art remains — how is it possible to sell something that it is impossible to own?  Read more.

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