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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Visual Art Meets Digital Billboard In Boston

Max Eternity @ Art Digital Magazine - George Fifield, the founder of the Boston Cyberarts Festival--a biennial digital and virtual art exhibition and presentation of colossal proportions--has done it again, with a new public art project called  "Art on the Marquee."  This is Fifield's latest collaborative foray, working in partnership with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, who have commissioned visual art for display--in rotation alongside marquee announcements and advertisements--on their new 80-foot-tall multi-screen LED marquee; located at the site of the Boston Conention & Exhibition Center in South Boston.  It's a clever and creative use of the urban and digital landscape folding in as one, incorporating commercial and fine art in text and design.  Visit the "Art On The Marquee" website for more info.

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