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Monday, March 26, 2012

High school seniors compete for $70,000 scholarship to Digital Media Arts College

Sun Sentinal (Florida) - For a shot at a full scholarship, student artists had to unleash theDr. Seusswithin.

Twenty-eight high school seniors from South Florida and beyond vied Saturday in the sixth annual competition for an undergraduate scholarship to Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton.

Although the $70,000 scholarship was being awarded for a bachelor's degree in graphic design or computer animation, the judges were looking for a mastery of the basics. They also wanted to see how creative and "Dr. Seussian" students could be.  Read more.

Intel sponsors digital art show in San Francisco

SF Gate - Intel sponsored an art and music show that used many of its own technology -- and some of the exhibits were really weird.

The Creators Project, a festival put on by Intel and VICE, was held at Fort Mason in San Francisco this past weekend.

Intel spent millions of dollars on the project, helping artists and musicians incorporate Intel chips and servers in their work.  Read more.

Digital artist creates new kind of experiment at CERN

SymmetryBreaking - If attendees at the welcome reception for CERN’s first artist-in-residence learned one thing last night, it was that Julius von Bismarck is not afraid to disrupt others with his art.

In a way, this trait puts him right at home with CERN scientists: the kind of people who always question, the kind of people who fill an auditorium to discuss the possibility that a long-held law of physics could be broken.

But von Bismarck is not a CERN scientist. So inviting him into the laboratory, where he will stay for the next two months, is a sign of trust – not that he won’t disrupt the scientists, but that, if he does, the experience could be worthwhile.  Read more.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Digital libraries are the future

Baltimore Sun - There are already tens of millions of e-book lovers, and their ranks are sure to be boosted by the new iPad unveiled last week — along with improved Kindles, Nooks and their rivals.

My sister, the retired fourth-grade teacher, has finally succumbed; Dorothy reads faster by enlarging the words on her tablet. And my wife favors e-books when she stretches out in bed. Clearly, the time has come for a well-stocked national digital library system, not to replace brick-and-mortar libraries but to augment them.  Read more.

Monday, March 12, 2012

UA digital art student sees future of a new medium

Daily Wildcat (Arizona) - Shane Csontos-Popko sits at his desk tablet sketching the detailed back of a male figure standing in front of a nuclear explosion. On his computer monitor to the left, a Stephen Hawking documentary about the universe and space lends inspiration. The scene and figure in front of Csontos-Popko isn’t one of oils, pastels, pencil or charcoal. Csontos-Popko works with a new medium, in which layers of oil paints crafting dimensions and shading have become layers easily compressed on Adobe Photoshop.  Read more.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Want to Hang Digital Art in Your House? Buy This Japanese Frame for $15,000

Artinfo - So you’ve purchased a piece of digital art — maybe it’s a GIF, maybe it’s a super high-res image file, maybe it’s even a Web site by Rafael Rozendaal. How will you show it in your house, given that there’s no physical object to display? Projectors are nice, but they get in the way. Thankfully, a Japanese design company has solved all of your problems with FRAMED, a new digital art exhibition system.  Read more.

South Africa: Digital Print for Packaging Sets the Pace, Says Colourtone Aries

All Africa - The demand for digital printing for packaging is increasing rapidly. This is the view of printing and packaging powerhouse, Colourtone Aries. Marketers are not only after crucial cost-saving methodologies; they are after speedier turnaround times and vastly improved and consistent output quality. On top of this, they are pushing the boundaries of innovation and printers are responding and matching design thought with state-of-the-art printing and packaging solutions.

Colourtone Aries managing director, John Bywater, is excited about the benefits of digital printing for packaging. "Not only is speed of delivery a competitive advantage; the flexibility it provides ensures that marketers are able to match quantity with demand, positively affecting bottom line results," he says.

New installations of state-of-the-art digital presses across the world are on the rise.  Read more.