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Friday, April 27, 2012

Innovation in arts and culture #3: the Happenstance project

Max Eternity @ DAN -   In an ongoing series at the Guardian UK, entitled Innovation in Arts and Culture, Rachel Coldicut writes about "putting digital thinking" front and center in the adminstration of arts organizations.  Coldicut is the acquisitions advisor for Craft Council and her topic of discussion is the Happenstance Project:

Rachel Coldicut @ Guardian UK - The Happenstance project is about putting digital thinking at the heart of arts organisations. If it's successful, we hope it will lead to policy changes that will revolutionise the cultural sector – not just by increasing digital engagement, but also by showing the opportunities that an Agile and iterative approach can offer any creative organisation.

We're doing this by bringing top-level digital expertise into close proximity with arts managers. In fact, our aims are broadly similar to those of the Government Digital Service: it's about making the arts "Digital by Default" rather than digital as an afterthought.  Read more.

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