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Friday, May 25, 2012

Unique art show brings in big name surfers

WECT 6 (North Carolina) - Sean Ruttkay, the man behind Elemental Digital Art, is a local artist who photographs waves and coastal landscapes.

His artwork is unique because it is all weather proof. He begins by taking HD photos of waves barreling, then enlarges the images and stretches them over metal.

He also creates one of a kind abstract pieces that mimic the waves.  Read more.

Standard Deviations: The Digital Art of Michael Holcomb Opens In Reno

Carson Now (Nevada) - Standard Deviation: The Digital Art of Michael HolcombOK…Let’s say sometime in the 19th century, George Boole, who created the algebra that’s the basis for digital logic and computer science, met the German biological illustrator Ernst Haeckel and they decided to make art. It might have looked very much like the work of Michael Holcomb, an artist whose images are on view at the McKinley Arts & Culture Center Gallery West, May 14th through June 22nd.  Read more.

Digital arts festival set for September

Sherveport Times (Louisiana) - A digital arts festival and technology career fair celebrating how digital technology enables artistic creativity will come to the Bossier Civic Center in September, the Bossier Arts Council announced Tuesday.

DigiFest South festival will feature a digital arts exhibition, a career fair connecting students with technology companies and educational institutions, and a series of industry talks. The festival is set for Sept. 6-9.  Read more.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Google doodle plays tribute to Moog keyboard creator, honoring bithday

Rolling Stone - Today the Google homepage honors Robert Moog, father of the modern synthesizer, by letting users play, record and share a synth melody of their own. The doodle was revealed on what would have been Moog's 76th birthday.

"At their best Google doodles are a bit like Dr. Moog's inventions. They operate at the nexus of art and technology and are seriously fun," Chief Doodler Ryan Germick told Rolling Stone. "If it wasn't for the geek genius of Dr. Moog, it would be a much less funky world."  Read more.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pixels In Canada: International Digital Arts Biennial (English et Francais)

John Pohl @ Montreal Gazette - BIAN, the International Digital Arts Biennial, continues at various venues, including the old École des beaux-arts building where artists from France have set up six installations.

A Digital Experience by the group Visual System is a representation of a future city that pulsates with the flow of energy. The city is made of “3-D pixels” – Lego-like blocks stacked vertically – with LED lights that move to music. “Every surface can now be a screen),” said Julien Guinard, one of seven artists involved in this installation.  Read more.

[En Francais]

Jérôme Delgado  @ Le Devoir (Canada) - Un an après que la Biennale de Montréal a ressuscité l’ancienne École des beaux-arts, l’équipe d’Elektra investit à son tour le bâtiment à l’angle des rues Saint-Urbain et Sherbrooke pour y déployer un des nombreux pans de sa nouvelle Biennale internationale d’art numérique. L’exposition Out of the Blue/Into the Black est un des meilleurs coups de l’actuelle manifestation.  Read more:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Power of computer to transform creativity energizes Riffe Gallery show

The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) - "Let’s Get Digital” explores the influence of technology on contemporary art.

Curated by Alexandra Nicholis Coon, executive director of the Massillon Museum in Ohio, the Riffe Gallery exhibit features the work of 15 Ohio artists and surveys digital techniques and processes.  Read more.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Niklas Lundberg’s Digital Art

Bangstyle - Looking at Niklas Lundberg’s artwork feels like walking into an angst-filled teenager’s room— an extremely talented teenager, that is.

 Lundberg’s art feels youthful, incorporating iconic cultural references from Skrillex to the New York City skyline, things that young and inspired people pay critical attention to. But there’s more to his work than that; there is a darker aspect blatantly stated on the digital canvas of all of his pieces. Balancing youth with the darker sides of reality does not equate to anger; on the contrary, Lundberg uses art as a means of expression, a highly therapeutic act.  Read more.

Making art from Movement

Montreal Gazette (Canada) - Machines are driving the art scenes of Montreal and Quebec City.

Montreal has BIAN, the first International Digital Arts Biennial, and Quebec City has Manif d’art 6, a biennial devoted this year to Machines: The Shapes of Movement.  Read more.

First annual digital arts exhibit screens Thursday at Nugget

The Dartmourth (New Hampshire) - The first annual Dartmouth Student Digital Arts Exhibition will be held on Thursday at the Nugget Theater to honor and celebrate current and former students’ work in the digital arts. Before the main screenings, the Digital Arts Exhibition will offer a gallery show, live digital music, Kinect games and an interactive drawing program, which will be projected on the exterior of the theater and allow guests to “finger-paint” on the walls using iPads, according to Lorie Loeb, a computer science professor and the co-founder and director of the digital arts minor.  Read more.

Claymation! Fashion! Digital Sound! An afterschool arts revival

SF Bay Guardian - If you believe the children are our future, then you may soon agree -- contrary to rumors of its ongoing extiction -- that the future arts scene of San Francisco is actually looking bright.

While arts classes fall off the curriculum in public schools nationwide, a collaboration between the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department’s (SFRPD) Cultural Arts Division and its Community Services Division (which runs afterschool programs citywide) keeps the creative spark alive via the ongoing Arts Afterschool program.  Read more.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Conceptual digital artist brings his unique creativity to a variety of projects

Del Mar Times (California) - From an office in a second-floor bedroom of his family’s home, local resident John Dickenson dreams of worlds that have never existed, and gives them life, depth and color.

His tools are his computer screen and electronic drawing board, powerful imaging programs, and sometimes simple pen and paper.

A digital concept artist, Dickenson works on feature films, video games and TV commercials, and has even been called in to help with designs for theme park rides. Among his film credits are two movies based on the Narnia novels of writer C.S. Lewis: “Prince Caspian” and “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”  Read more.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Louis C.K., Bjork among Webby Awards winners

Chicago Sun-Times - When Louis C.K. released his comedy special “Live at the Beacon Theater” by himself on his website for $5, it was little more than a cautiously optimistic experiment.

Less than two weeks later, it had reaped more than $1 million. Already among the most respected stand-ups in the country, Louis C.K. was suddenly a new media trailblazer, too.

On Tuesday, the Webby Awards announced Louis C.K. is their “person of the year” for setting “a new precedent for distribution.” Comedians Aziz Ansari and Jim Gaffigan have since similarly released albums online.  Read more.

Digital art launches into The Space

BBC News - The plays of Shakespeare, a hip-hop festival and a new artwork by Rachel Whiteread are among the offerings from a new on-demand digital arts service.

The Space, a BBC and Arts Council England project, will showcase both live broadcasts and archive footage.  Read more.