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Monday, October 29, 2012

Engaging Children With the Siren Call of the App

NY Times - Each summer for several years, a two-week seminar at the American Museum of Natural History has allowed 25 youngsters to use technology to resurrect a prehistoric marine animal by designing realistic 3-D models and sea environments.  Read more.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Dundee's NEoN Digital Arts festival develops movement theme for 2012

The List (UK) - Four years ago, NEoN (North East of North) was launched by Interactive Tayside – a body created in partnership between the public, private and academic sectors in the city of Dundee – to promote the region’s activity in the field of digital media. Dundee, of course, has more to shout about than most in this regard, with both the University of Abertay and Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design being renowned for their digital media education provision and the city playing host to many computer game development companies and cross-media design firms.  Read more.

Artist Poling reaches back, looks to digital frontier

Oregon Live - Throughout "Elemental Forces," Oakland, Calif., artist Suzy Poling's exhibition at Disjecta, the lines between nature and artifice, as well as analog and digital, are deliberately blurred, as Polling suggests some mystical meaning is produced when these worlds collide.  Read more.

Digital Fingerprints for Art Could Thwart Heists

Discovery News - When it comes to the art of pulling off the ultimate heist, there is little defense against precision and timing.   Read more.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Rebranding Identity: Bringing the gallery into the digital age

Michigan Daily - The Internet is now our bookstore. It’s our auction house, matchmaker, entertainer, newspaper and the first place we go for bad medical advice. But is the Internet also our new art gallery? The pioneering work of Seoul-based corporation Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, whose newly commissioned work is on display at the University of Michigan Museum of Art, would argue that it is.  Read more.

Digital festival among arts groups to get share of £75k

This Is Sommerset (UK) - Grants totalling £75,000 aimed at boosting employment and skills in the creative arts sector have been awarded by Somerset County Council.

Successful applications represented a variety of talents and forms of the arts, including theatre and digital technology. Read more.

Young Toronto artists turn to online media to promote work

Toronto Star - Working as a young artist in Toronto these days requires more than just a palette of paint and canvas. It’s a hustle, says Ryan Enn Hughes, a Toronto-based photographer and multimedia artist.

Hughes, who has established himself as an impressive young talent to watch, says his work involves a constant juggling of applying for grants, marketing himself on social media, booking jobs, making connections across industries and, finally, creating the work and selling it.  Read more.

Art in the digital age

Democratic Herald (New York) - “It’s just photo manipulation.” “The software does all the real work.” “Anyone can do it.” These are common misconceptions about digital art as a creative medium.

That’s what digital art isn’t, but what exactly is it? In the very basic sense, it’s pixels, layers and rasterization — art created using the computer. But like any art form, it’s much more complicated than that.  Read more.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Technology and art: Engineering the future

Eyal Gever @ BBC - Now think technology - and you'll probably imagine a smartphone or a computer.

Throughout history, technology has provided artists with new tools for expression.

Today, these two seemingly distinct disciplines are interlinked more than ever, with technology being a fundamental force in the development and evolution of art.  Read more.

LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art Goes Digital with MOCAtv YouTube Channel

Haute Living - In an effort to extend Los Angeles’ art museum to the digital realm, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) has launched an original YouTube channel dedicated entirety to contemporary art.  Read more.