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Friday, December 28, 2012

Digital art initiative moves into new Dundee studios

BBC News - An initiative that brings together creative workers in Dundee [Scotland] is hoping to cement the city's role as a centre for the digital arts.  Read more.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

In the UK, the Playable City award offers artists a chance to redesign Bristol

Digital Art News - In the UK, the City of Bristol has become one of the European Union's most ardent supporters of digital art and new media.  And funded by Bristol is Watershed, a "cultural cinema and digital creativity centre." 

Using creative and artistic projects to nurture and create social cohesion, Watershed offers artists the Playable City Award, and this year's shortlist of runner's up has just been announced.  Read more.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Google's Tom Uglow: when might 'digital art' become just 'art'?

Wired Magazine - 150 years ago the colour photographic process was being invented; at the same time the Impressionists began to re-imagine the world through painted interpretations of light, something that is now so normal as to appear saccharine or twee. It would be another 100 years before the technology of the photograph would be commonly framed, or presented as art. We are now immersed in a digital world; so how close are we to the generation of artists that will transform our world through their interpretations of data? When might "digital art" become just "art"?  Read more.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pictoplasma Berlin 2013 artists revealed

Digital Arts Online - The Pictoplasma festival in Berlin is a yearly conference and exhibition featuring the best character design work from around the globe. The headline line-up of artists for Pictoplasma 2013 in April has just been announced – with works spanning art, animation, graphic design, illustration, toy-making in both vinyl and plush forms on show.  Read more.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Curioos Opens Its Digital Art Marketplace In New York

TechCrunch - Curioos is a digital art startup focused on showcasing up-and-coming artists and selling their artwork in different formats. Each object has its own series of artworks specifically tailored for the product.  Read more.

New arts studio brings Ráth Mór and Creggan ‘into the digital age’

The Derry (UK) - A vibrant buzz filled Creggan’s Ráth Mór Centre on Friday past as its stunning new digital arts studio was officially opened for business - ensuring the people of Creggan will benefit from greater access to the arts.

As is fitting for a designated City of Culture, acclaimed local musicians Bronagh Gallagher and Paul Casey performed in Ráth Mór’s main foyer, welcoming the many invited guests to this prestigious occasion and showing visitors just how talented Derry can be.  Read more.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tammam Azzam: Dubai-based artist showcases 'bleeding Syria' map

ArtDaily..org - A popular map on social networks depicting a "bleeding" war-torn Syria has emerged as the centrepiece of an exhibition in Dubai by digital artist Tammam Azzam. The artwork -- simply a 4.5 square metre (48.5 square foot) map of Syria painted in red to indicate blood -- is one of various pieces portraying the carnage of the conflict while mocking the international community's inaction. "I used the Syrian map as an icon," Azzam told AFP. "This map had never meant anything to me during my whole life before. Suddenly, I had a new-discovered nation."  Read more.