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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Digital artists document war

ABC (Australia) - The stories of the Afghanistan war are being told by digital artists through video, multi media and music.  Watch video here.

Libraries Open Doors, Data to Digital Art Displays

Shari Held @ Library Journal - This January, hundreds of people attended the grand opening of an addition to the Teton County Library in Jackson Hole, WY. The big draw was “Filament Mind,” a stunning digital art installation utilizing more than five miles of fiber-optic cables, cut into 1,000 pieces, and 44 LED illuminators.

But “Filament Mind” is more than colorful eye candy adorning the upper walls of the lobby. This dynamic artwork is data-driven. Each piece of cable represents a different Dewey Decimal subject and leads to its corresponding subject title. Whenever a visitor to any public library in Wyoming performs a computer search of the library catalog, the cable and category are illuminated by a color and light display.  Read more.

Monday, March 18, 2013

First digital art festival in Egypt

Daily News (Egypt) - Technology has become a quintessential element of life; nobody leaves home without at least two electronic devices, maybe more if you are a gadget junkie. The idea of life without internet or electronics has become unfathomable.

Yet the question remains: are we making the best use possible of all those technological advances? Enter DI-EGY Festival to answer the question, the first digital art festival in Egypt.  We contacted Elham Khattab, the director of the festival, for more information.  Read more.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

When everything today is digital, why not art?

The Times of India - While post-retirement plans for most people include reaping the benefits of their life-long investments and enjoying a relaxed life at home, M Christopher paints a different picture of his retired life, quite literally. After having worked as a creative director of an advertising company in Bangalore for 25 years, he started an all-new career for himself as a digital artist.  Read more.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Berlin Airport Delay Renders Digital Art Ancient

Spiegel - Berlin's new airport may not open for at least another year, but artwork commissioned for the terminal was completed on time. One digital project is growing technologically stale due to the delay.  Read more.

Fusing digital art, dance, poems to create choreographic fictions

Deccan Herald (New Delhi) - A series of 12 fictions becomes the base of the choreographic pattern and will be presented as an exhibition. One among the team members, author Anjum Hasan said: “I contributed 12 poems in prose for Bangalore Fictions, each text connected to a particular, ordinary, everyday experience of Bangalore.  Read more.