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Saturday, April 27, 2013

UC Santa Cruz digital arts exhibition opens Saturday

Santa Cruz Sentinal (California) - Graduate students in UC Santa Cruz's Digital Arts and New Media program will begin exhibiting their work this weekend at the Digital Arts Research Center.

Opening Saturday, the on-campus exhibition represents the culmination of two years of study for the graduate students.  Read more.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Digital arts centre proposed for downtown Kitchener (Canada)

The Record (Ontario, Canada) - An old downtown building is slated to become a showcase for art, design and new digital content if city councillors approve the Kitchener Studio Project on Monday.

Conestoga College president John Tibbits said the digital media sector is growing and there is a shortage of skilled workers to provide content, which includes graphics, stories and music.  Read more.

Glitché App Distorts Photos Into ‘Works of Digital Art’

DL Cade @ PetaPixel - Aberrations, distortions, corrupt images; all of these are things we typically try to avoid in the world of digital photography. But the Glitché app does the exact opposite.  Read more.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tagging 2.0: How one artist uses tech to give life to 3D graffiti

Digital Trends - Since the caveman era, humans have put art on walls. The same is true today – writing graffiti is, clearly, just part of human nature. And while the graffiti scene may not be as vibrant and fierce as it was during the 1970s and ’80s, the Web has allowed street artists to get their name out in the world like never before, and the increasing availability of design software has launched “wild style” into a whole new dimension.

Few dominate this realm as well as Italian graffiti writer and sculptor Manuel Di Rita, a.k.a. “Peeta,” whose mind-blowing 3D pieces could impress even the most hardboiled transit cop. Peeta bombed his first wall near his hometown of Venice back in 1993, and now makes a living as an accomplished painter, sculptor, and graphic design artist. We got in touch with Peeta to snag an insider’s look at graffiti in the digital age.  Read more.

Hotels get more creative with digital screens

USA Today - Hotels to guests: Put down your iPads and SmartPhones. There's something much more visually appealing to distract you in hotel lobbies these days.

They are digital screens, big and flashy ones, that hotels are hoping will draw guests out of their rooms and into the lobbies to learn more about the property and surrounding neighborhood.  Read more.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Tumblr and Rhizome create new grants program for artists

Jam Kotenko @ Digital Trends - Tumblr recently reached a very important achievement by catering to over 100 million blogs, many of which belong to Internet artists hoping to garner an appreciative audience for their work. In line with this, Tumblr has partnered with Rhizome – a thriving non-profit art organization located within the New Museum in New York – to come up with a way to pay tribute to the growing art community and encourage more users to show their skills by providing art grants.

Rhizome regularly accepts proposals for its own commission cycles, but this will be the first time that it will be honing in on potential grantees from the Tumblr art community.  Read more.