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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The future of web design

Digital Arts - Interactive design works with concepts, mediums and technologies that develop at a frighteningly fast pace. We asked 13 leading thinkers and practitioners in design, development and branding to chart where it’s going and what key skills creatives are going to need to produce incredible work in this area.  Read more.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nike installation turns your body into animated digital art

Dvice - Over the years, Nike has carved out a reputation as one of the elites when it comes to creative innovative branding experiments. The latest in the company's series of bleeding-edge forays into interactive promotions allows you to use your entire body to create what might be considered living art.  Read more.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Paint or Paint App? Value of Creating Digital Vs. Traditional Art

KQED - While it may be easy to imagine how iPads can support classroom studies with reading, history, or science, some of the most groundbreaking — and creative — work with digital tools may be happening in arts classes. Schools using iPads are incorporating them in art and music classes, too — and not only as tools for measuring and remembering, but for creating as well. Whether or not students grow up to become the next David Hockney – who has created several New Yorker covers using the iPad’s drawing tool – teachers say there is value to learning to create using digital tools, especially when blended with more hands-on means of expression.  Read more.

Smartphone thefts are driving an epidemic of violent crime

CITE World - On February 27th in the middle of the afternoon, a 16-year old girl was walking through San Francisco's Mission district when she was ordered at gun point to hand over her cell phone. The robbery was one of 10 serious crimes in the city that day, and they all involved cell phones. Three were stolen at gun point, three at knife point, and four through brute force.  Read more.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Adobe kills Creative Suite, moves all products to be Creative Cloud-only

Digital Arts - In a move that should surprise no one, Adobe has announced sweeping changes to its Creative Suite software line and year-old Creative Cloud subscription service. Subscription-only sales were announced as company launches updates to all of its Creative Suite tools from Photoshop to Dreamweaver to After Effects.  Read more.

Printing Electronics Just Got Easier

National Geographic - Do-it-yourself electronics manufacturing may soon be possible with your desktop printer, say the designers of a new system that directly prints electronic circuits onto ordinary paper.  Read more.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cairo's Digital Art Festival Engulfed in Politics

Al Monitor - A man holds a placard of former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi and faces a screen playing footage identical to the man’s surroundings, almost. On the screen, the sign he’s holding turns into a photo of Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat El-Shater. The other signs featuring non-Islamist leaders appear as either Islamist politicians or members of the Mubarak regime. Chants supporting President Mohamed Morsi echo through that Zamalek street.  Read more.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The iTunes influence, part three: Art in the age of digital disruption

Engadget - Michael Robertson, a serial entrepreneur in digital media, founder of MP3.com and CEO of DAR.fm, observed that the difference between a pre-MP3 musician and a post-MP3 artist is circumstantial.

"I'm not convinced that the plight of the artist has fundamentally changed much since the pre-internet era to the internet era," Robertson said. "Artists can go direct, but it also means that people have hundreds of thousands of choices. The benefit of going direct is offset by the sheer enormity of the internet."

Easy distribution into digital channels creates a cacophony of music noise, making it harder for any artist or band to be heard.  Read more.