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Friday, June 21, 2013

Rooftop restaurant retooled as gallery with show of digital art

The Daily Star (Lebanon) - Iris is the An-Nahar Building’s swank rooftop restaurant. At month’s end, the indoor area of the space will dabble in a different type of cultural production with “What? About You,” an exhibition of works by Romanian artist Alina Teodorescu. Part of a project being headed up by the space’s art adviser Vanessa Clark, the show is presented under the patronage of the Romanian Embassy.

Born in 1982, Teodorescu comes from an artistic family. Clark said the artist and her father collaborated to make several public art pieces – including murals and stained glass windows.

The show will be comprised of acrylic-on-canvas works, acrylics on paper and digital art.  Read more.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Resistance is futile as ISEA2013 celebrates digital art in Sydney

Guardian UK - Ryoji Ikeda’s 2008 album Test Pattern seemed to me like the last frontier of a certain kind of electronic music. The cover art is a pattern of black and white stripes while the music itself is clicks, beeps and blips that sound like the undulations of electricity flow. I never did get around to buying the album because it was too astringent for these ears, beautiful in its way, certainly, but when would I ever listen to it?

Ikeda is an audio-visual artist and data is the raw stuff of his art. He takes data flow from the ether and turns it into music, or he makes visual patterns from it and, using data projectors, creates immense walk-through op-art environments. Ikeda’s latest installation – also called Test Pattern – is currently at Carriageworks in Sydney until 1 July...read more.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Polynoid’s Digital Ninjas Evoke Wizardry, Myth and Storytelling

Max Eternity @ Art Digital Magazine (AD MAG) – There’s something dark and exciting about the imagery of Polynoid's hyper-realities that keeps the viewer on edge, as one is drawn into rich virtual worlds with peaked curiosity, but unsure whether to be afraid, thrilled, or simply awed.  Like in their latest video for Nike’s Hypervenon, where the scene opens innocently enough with a pair of sport shoes left behind in an empty locker-room.  That’s until, the camera shifts and twists, and through the glare and haze of the contrasted lighting streaming through upper windows,  a narrow, segmented tail emerges from the heel of one of the shoes.  Then, the entire body of the shoe flexes, and begins to fully come alive.  Read more.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Filipino digital artist, Antonio Gorordo, holds solo exhibit in London

ABS-CBN (Philippines) - A seasoned Filipino painter demonstrated his new passion for digital arts at his debut solo exhibition in the UK, moving his art practice from brush strokes to mouse clicks.

Artist Antonio Gorordo showcased his latest artworks at "Digital Abstraction" - an exhibit featuring over a dozen of his digital paintings created with a computer and editing software between 2010 and 2012.  Read more.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Creative City Summit looks at digital media and arts

The Province (Canada) - Ottawa plays host this week to a “Creative City Summit” that brings together municipal staff from across Canada to discuss ideas for engaging the public with the arts. The focus is digital means and media.

From cultural policy to participation in the arts “it’s really impacting every area of our business,” says conference spokeswoman Sheila McKinnon, of Surrey, B.C. “We’re seeing artists using digital media in public art. We’re having to adapt our facilities with Wi-Fi and with new technologies in theatres.”  Read more.

Projected: An exhibition of digital and video artwork opens at David Richard Gallery

Art Daily - David Richard Gallery presents “Projected,” a new media exhibition featuring digital and video artwork by Teri Yarbrow, Max Almy, Matthew Kluber and Susan Herdman. The exhibition is being presented from May 31-June 30, 2013.  Read more.