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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Polynoid’s Digital Ninjas Evoke Wizardry, Myth and Storytelling

Max Eternity @ Art Digital Magazine (AD MAG) – There’s something dark and exciting about the imagery of Polynoid's hyper-realities that keeps the viewer on edge, as one is drawn into rich virtual worlds with peaked curiosity, but unsure whether to be afraid, thrilled, or simply awed.  Like in their latest video for Nike’s Hypervenon, where the scene opens innocently enough with a pair of sport shoes left behind in an empty locker-room.  That’s until, the camera shifts and twists, and through the glare and haze of the contrasted lighting streaming through upper windows,  a narrow, segmented tail emerges from the heel of one of the shoes.  Then, the entire body of the shoe flexes, and begins to fully come alive.  Read more.

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