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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Resistance is futile as ISEA2013 celebrates digital art in Sydney

Guardian UK - Ryoji Ikeda’s 2008 album Test Pattern seemed to me like the last frontier of a certain kind of electronic music. The cover art is a pattern of black and white stripes while the music itself is clicks, beeps and blips that sound like the undulations of electricity flow. I never did get around to buying the album because it was too astringent for these ears, beautiful in its way, certainly, but when would I ever listen to it?

Ikeda is an audio-visual artist and data is the raw stuff of his art. He takes data flow from the ether and turns it into music, or he makes visual patterns from it and, using data projectors, creates immense walk-through op-art environments. Ikeda’s latest installation – also called Test Pattern – is currently at Carriageworks in Sydney until 1 July...read more.

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