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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

When Digital Art Is Suitable for Framing

NY Times - Jake Levine, an entrepreneur in New York, likes the kind of art that tends to be popular on the Internet — cleverly Photoshopped pictures, and animated images like GIFs — and wanted a way to get it off his computer and onto a wall, alongside more traditional works like photographs and paintings. But how do you hang pixels on a wall?  Read more.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mobile digital art goes mainstream

Palo Alto Weekly (California) - Sit nearly anywhere in Palo Alto these days and one is bound to encounter that latest branch of human evolution, Homo mobilis -- Mobile- electronics Man -- hunched over digital devices.

Seemingly oblivious to their surroundings and hopelessly engrossed in what an outsider might observe as trivial pursuits, they may in reality be true artists in the midst of creating works. Fingers are their brushes, laying down colors with broad swipes across the digital screen; photographs become montages of mixed media in pencil, pen or pastel.  Read more.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Framed 2.0 puts motion-controlled digital art on your wall

Slash Gear - Judging by the "home of the future" documentaries, nobody goes to museums on their hoverboards in the 21st century, but instead has dynamically changing artwork beamed to virtual picture frames in their homes. We may not have the hoverboards yet, but Framed 2.0 is aiming to deliver the art at least, with a new crowdfunding project to put a smartphone and gesture-controlled display showing everything from the classics through to tumblr GIFs, Flash animation, and more.  Read more.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Digital art and relations between France and China on show in Shanghai

South China Morning Post - In art as in life, computers are transforming the way we see the world as artists explore cutting-edge digital techniques and technologies to create fresh works. An exhibition in Shanghai presented by the K11 Art Foundation goes beyond a glimpse of the possibilities of the digital art form, and shows that Chinese digital artists are today on par with their Western peers.

Curated by David Rosenberg, "Metamorphosis of the Virtual" presents five French and five Chinese artists whose works demonstrate more similarities than differences.  Read more.

Hacked-Off Digital Artists Virtually Gatecrash Google Exhibit

Wall Street Journal - A group of digital artists have virtually gatecrashed a Google-sponsored technology art exhibit in London, angry at what they say is the tech giant’s “exploitation of artists.”

The exhibit at the Barbican Center, called DevArt, is supposed to be a celebration of computers’ role in art. But displeasure by some at Google’s...read more.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Digital art, abstract sculpture go on display this month at Indianapolis airport

The Republic (Indiana) - Indianapolis International Airport is getting artistic this month.

By the end of July, the airport will be displaying three works of art.

Two are digital pieces by Stefan Petranek. The Indianapolis-based artist created...read more.

Electric Objects Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Build Displays For Digital Art

TechCrunch - Startup Electric Objects aims to build displays for Internet art, separate from devices like laptops and smartphones that it says are “designed for distraction.” Today it’s launching a Kickstarter campaign for its first wave of displays, dubbed the EO1.  Read more.