Art Digital Magazine (AD MAG) is on a long-term hiatus. AD MAG was published from 2010 to 2016, and during that time it amassed the largest collection of feature length interviews and articles with digital artist and art administrators in the world. In time, AD MAG will return, but for now the domain redirects to Digital Art News (DAN).

Saturday, May 30, 2015

‘On/Off’ exhibit explores digital art concept

Jackson Hole (Wyoming) - More and more people spend the majority of their day glued to the computer or television. The lives they live online or in their video games have become the fascination of several artists.

Exploring the concept of the virtual life, six artists will display their findings for the exhibit “On/Off: Virtual Art in Real Life.” The show that depicts the genre of digital art will have...read more.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Daata Editions, an Online Marketplace for Digital Art

Vulture Magazine - Daata Editions is a site launching this week that lets collectors purchase video, sound, and web-based art editions, and it will make its debut at NADA on Thursday night. It came about as a collaboration between Zabludowicz and the curator David Gryn, who sought a way to marry the ever-increasing market value of internet art with the burgeoning world of online art sales sites like Artspace and Paddle8, which largely sell physical work.  Read more.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Can Digital Artist Tabor Robak Become Pixelangelo?

Vulture - Art made with technology, no matter how cutting-edge, always has a way of becoming kitsch. Think Nam June Paik’s cathode televisions or Cory Arcangel’s self-consciously obsolete video of hacked Super Mario clouds. A work becomes successful when it can both incorporate the technology and exploit it for its ephemerality. Artist Tabor Robak, born in 1986 and certainly part of a millennial technological cohort, hits a sweet spot.  Read more.

Revealed: EXACTLY how the fashion industry airbrushes its models for high-end beauty campaigns

The Daily Mail (UK) - When next feeling insecure about your own appearance while looking at a beauty advertisement, just picture this.

An incredible new time-lapse video has condensed hours of work by a retouch artist into a short clip, revealing the true extent of airbrushing and its unbelievable effects.  Read more.