Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Neon-Streaked Pictures Blurs Boundaries Between Painting and Digital Art

Starting this week, Canadian artist Lauren Pelc-McArthur takes over the Toronto-based Project Gallery with Blanking Field, her very first solo show. This new series of works highlights Pelc-McArthur’s multidisciplinary approaches and demonstrates her strong interest in fusing traditional painting and digital matter to explore the stream of data and information that we're constantly deluged with. “I was thinking about sensory overload while making this series,” Pelc-McArthur tells The Creators Project. “When we are engaging with technology we are bombarded with all kinds of information in snippets; ads, listicles, Upworthy headlines. I fluctuate between various styles of painting and disjointed brush strokes to instill a presence of information in disarray,” she says.  Read more.

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